How long has your company been in business?

               Impress! Bakeware, LLC has been in business since 2014.

Where are Towel Grips made?

               Towel Grips are made in the USA by our women/family owned business!

How do I care for my Towel Grips?

               Hand wash them in warm soapy water using regular dish soap. Wash them before first use and anytime they become dirty or start to lose their tackiness. This removes any dust, lint, or stains that may be reducing their effectiveness. Do NOT wash in the dishwasher.

Will they keep my towel from falling off the bar 100% of the time?

               No, we can’t guarantee that. We’re not gluing your towel to the bar! BUT, when used as directed, your towel will fall less often. Watch our videos on the Videos page and check them out in action!

Will Towel Grips damage my towel bar?

               No damage should occur to your towel bars. There are no sticky adhesives to damage the surface.

Are there any other uses for Towel Grips?

               YES! They also double as a handy grip for opening stubborn jars! Keep one handy in a drawer!

Can I order custom colors?

               Custom colors would be very expensive for us to produce so we cannot offer them.