About Us & Towel Grips!


We’re Susie & Jill, sisters-in-law, and business partners for 7 years as the owners of Impress! Bakeware, a small company that makes over 200 shapes of cookies press disks. When the idea of the Towel Grip came up in Susie’s house, we realized that already being entrepreneurs we were in a position to design and manufacture this handy little product.

The story of the Towel Grip is one so many have faced- a kitchen towel that’s always falling on the floor: when the wind blows, someone brushes against it, or somebody just sloppily tries to put it back after drying their hands! The day one fell and the dog stepped on it we said, “That’s it! We’ve GOT to solve this problem!”

The Towel Grip took years of testing and designing to get it just right. It’s adjustable to most towel bar diameters, removes cleanly because it has no adhesives to ruin your bar, yet is grippy enough to help your towels stay put! When the final design was done we were thrilled when it was approved as patent pending.

Our hope in making this is that we’ve helped solve the frequent towel-washing and aggravation that comes from towels falling on the floor.

We also kept it cute and silly because life should be fun! That’s why Henry is there with his adorable, useful antennae.

We have several more lifehack products in mind so we launched a new brand for our company: “High Mountain Housewares”, named for magnificent Pikes Peak “America’s Mountain” in our hometown of Colorado Springs.

We pride ourselves on offering great customer service and USA quality-made products.

If you ever have any questions you can reach us at henrythehelper@originalsiliconetowelgrip.com

We hope Henry helps your towels stay put!

Susie & Jill